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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by radio. That people could be heard miles away really got to me. That one day I may be able to do it was brought home to me at Christmas 1966. Rather than listen to Radio London, for a change, I tuned through the short waves on my radio and found a conversation between 3 people. One was in Hoddesdon which isn’t that far from me, one was in Yorkshire, and I can’t remember after 50 years where the third one was. Doing a bit of research, I found that it was possible to take an examination, the RAE, and having passed it, you could apply for a licence. I then discovered that as a Swiss National, I wasn’t eligible for the licence, and so the idea went onto the back burner. In the 1980’s CB Radio became legal, so I took that up with the handle Swiss Roll.

  In 1994, I discovered that I could get a licence and joined the University of Hertfordshire Radio Club. I took and passed the two examination papers, and got my call sign G7VJE. Bying a hand held Transceiver, an Alinco DJ-G5 I even took it to Switzerland with me that Autumn and used it in the car.

  When I left university, I joined the Bishops Stortford Amateur Radio Society. 23 years later, I’m still a member and even run their website for them.

  Following high winds, I no longer have a station set up at home, and my car having a plastic body, won’t take a mag mount so I can’t even run mobile any more, but I will return to it.

Operating the Bishops Stortford Club’s radio Station at the PW 2metre contest