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Bustdorf in Bustal.   Passenger traffic will be served by an EBT 4/4 with 2 axle coaches. This will be help by the Preservation Society's 2-6-2 locos running German Thunderboxes. One rake of these have been painted in the purple metallic and white of the Nord Bontal Bahn colours, and it is expected that that line's Ae 3/6 might make an occasional appearance although the 3 coach train it normally hauls is a little bit long for the station. A Red Arrow railcar is also available for passenger work.

  The freight traffic is normally tacked on to the back of any passenger train which is coming up. The freight stock is normally either stored at Gleis 1 (the bay platform) or in the siding at the right hand end. Future plans include the addition  of a narrow gauge line (Hoe) providing mineral and passenger traffic from higher up the valley.  This will cross over the “Main” line just before the entrance to the station, and mineral trains will be unloaded from a ramp beside the bay platform. Passenger traffic will terminate in the road front of the station.

A test run of BusthamStation using British Locos including a Hornby Dublo 2 rail 0-6-0 Tank and an 0-4-0 tank. The track needed some adjustment as a result of the test. Note the Church in the foreground with working bell.

SBB Ee 3/3 and DB E10 awaiting their turn on the rails once the official photographer has moved out of the way.

Bustdorf station (Faller) awaits the refitting of the roof

The testing of Bustham / Jessdorf. It was the first time that most of the locos had run in 17 years. The buildings are in the Jessdorf guise.

  The locos used in order of appearancem are : Märklin DB Br E10, Bachman (LNER V3),  Roco Sbb Ee 3/3, Liliput Feldschlossen Brewery E 3/3 'Tigerli', Fleischman DB Br 064 2-6-2T.

  Notice the appearance of the 12" : 1' scale hand when things go wrong. The DB E10 was originally an AC 3 rail loco, but was converted to 2 rail DC. Since that video was taken in December 2011, the headlights have now been modified to be directional.

Feldschlossen Brewery E3/3 in front of DB BR 64 at the buffer end of Bustdorf on the first day of testing 01/12/2011

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