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  Jesdorf is a small village in Jestal. The main industries are eggs, the limestone quarry just below it, and tourism. The main transport to Jesdorf is the narrow gauge line which runs from Bustdorf. This means that any goods have to be transhipped to the standard gauge line, and then on to the rest of the country via Bonstadt. The gravel is tipped into the standard gauge trucks via a raised track alongside platform 1, while the passengers are taken to the front of Bustdorf station at road level.

 The plan for this part of the layout has been adapted from a Peco Publications book currently out of print (I think 60 Small Track Plans). The boards and radii have been reduced to take notice that this is narrow gauge. The original plan is reproduced below.


  Initially, the stock will be from Lilliput with the Waldenburger Bahn No 5 Geo Thomen and the Eurovapeur no 13 in WB Green. The coaching stock is the old WB coaches from the same range. There is also a steam tram (manufacturer I think was Eggerbahn) that I acquired second hand about 5 years ago.

  These will be augmented by tipping wagons which will run from the quarry below Jessdorf to Bustdorf, and closed and open trucks which will take supplies and produce to and from Jessdorf

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