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   While the original idea of the layout was to be British in general and Yorkshire in particular, I had to develop the ideas to be mutually compatable between the 3 countries for which most of my stock is based. As German locos can run in to Switzerland it was just trying to work out the scenarios to justify (invent) the line.

  There would also be passenger flows to and from the various stations. These would be served by local stopping trains and also international and national expresses. Freight flows would be of a similar nature.

  As it is a major anniversary of the line and in real life the Channel Tunnel has been built, don't be surprised at whatever is running on the line. For the stock list see the relevant page.

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The original plan for bontal as worked out in 2007. The main track laying was finished in 2014, but even in 2016 modifications were being made.

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Bondale as it is currently, with the exception of the Bustham branch and Mrs Anderson’s Yorkshire Pudding factory. There are more spurs on the turntable at Bonton with places for 17 locos. Due to the Fleischmann turntable having fixed DCC addresses (Between 201 and 299) the points numbering has had to be changed with Bonton starting at 101, Bondale Junction at 501, Leoton 301, Bustdale Junction 401, York 601 and Bustdale / Bustham 701.

  Conversion of the points motors is currently proceeding at Bonstadt with new motors and accessory decoders being installed. Once Bonstadt has been converted, the other areas are already motorised and so will be straight forward to convert.