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Layout Design

   The first town in Bontal. There is a factory based there, but there is some talk that Mrs. Anderson would like to set up production of her famous Yorkshire puddings and Scotch Eggs there. We wait with baited breath, and with knives and forks at the ready.


  The bay platform means that trains can terminate and reverse there without blocking the main line. The bay can also be used as a run round loop for the factory siding.

  The current status is that the running lines, bay platform, runround loop and locomotive siding have been built, Marklin overhead system runs all of the way down the station and has been tested (temporary connections to the wires.

    The track in this station is mainly Peco Streamline 100 with 2 pairs of motorised Roco large radius points. All Peco points are Electrofrog, except for the double slip, and are motorised with Peco point motors.

  Power control is by Gaugemaster panel mounted feedback controllers, 1 double and one single. Points are controlled by Double pole single toggle non locking switches

The first day of testing the overhead catenary at Bustdorf. Bearing in mind that the masts and wires were over 30 years old, and hadn’t been used for nearly 20, I didn’t have too many problems getting them to supply the power.

   Services to the station are by Sud Ost bahn, Bodensee-Toggenburg RBDe 5 coach set, and SBB Domino RBDe 4/4 3 coach set.

Metcalfe Models small factory


Metcalfe Models warehouse with added L.E.D. lighting. Notice the Mrs Anderson's Yorkshire pudding poster on the front.

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