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   With the mix of local, Express and international passenger and freight services coupled with some reversals and locomotive changes Bonstadt is the busiest station on the line.

   Bonstadt station. This is the largest town in Bontal. The station is a junction where the line splits into a double track which heads off towards Basel, and a Single track line which goes towards Schaffhausen and Germany. Just a little to the South is where the line splits off towards Bustal and the Jura, so reversing facilities are provided so that minerals from Bustal Quarry can be sent up the valley to Olten. Bonstadt also serves as the terminus for trains from Jessdorf, which is the small village at the head of Bustal, and is the stabling and cleaning point for the stock used on the line.

  The Bustal Preservation Society also keep their stock there.

   Some trains from Olten will also terminate there.

  Following the takeover of the Feldschlossen brewery by Inbev, Brauerei Bontal has obtained the Feldschlossen Gästezug, and uses the loco for shunting, and the Carriages for weddings, parties and specials.

Brauerei Bonstadt from Faller

This kit was used in my last layout. The brewery has its own loco, an ex SBB E3/3 Tiherli which is was bought from the Feldschlossen brewery, along with the Gästezug.

This station is currently under construction, so photos will appear in due course.

  The track is all Peco, with the turntable from Fleischman. The plan is adapted from one by Cyril J Freezer in his Peco Publications, Track Plans book. Although in the book it is a terminus, I decided to make it a through station, and while trying to work out how to fit it in to the shed, I reversed it. I used the same plan, as a terminus, for Nordbad in my previous attempt as I felt that there was a lot of operational capability for it.

The plan for Bonton / Bonstadt from which I originally got the idea of the station. This is from Peco Publications Track Plans written by C. J. Freezer and not currently in print.

With the track Nearly completed, and the sections wired up, I wanted to do a test to see if the track spacing was OK as I didn’t want the stock to meet in the corners. A lot of track cleaning, a few minor adjustments and a few chocolate blocks later, I had 3 trains running.

Running a few Swiss locos to bed the track down at Bonstadt and also to test the track spacing to avoid stock interlocking on the bends.

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The revised plan for Bonstadt. The brewery area has no been extended and includes a run-round loop

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