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Bontal - Bontal Junction

Bontal Junction

 While the needs to build and run the layout, might seem to be quite large, I have, in fact rescued a lot from previous layouts. So leaving the rolling stock requirements til later we'll start with.


As my carpentry skills are limited (I even have the capability to make a circular saw go round corners), I wanted to keep the woodwork to a minimum. The boards are all 1/2" chipboard and are placed on Dexion supports. Even though I am using boards from older layouts, I still need 1 more for York. The same applies to the Dexion where I need 1 more pack to finish it.


  The track is a mixture of Peco code 100 and Roco. The Turntable at Bonton is by Fleischman, and at York, a motorised Hornby unit. The points motors are a mix of Roco and Peco and are used (with one exception) by their own track.

  The overhead catenary in Leostadt is Märklin K, a system I have found easy to install and use even though it doesn't look to scale. It will also be used in Bustham. In hidden / non scenic areas it is a homebrew of brass tubing for the masts with copper wire for the spans and old Peco rail for the contact wires.

  Having had a free Metcalfe Models signal box with Railway Modeller Magazine one year, I found it easy to put together and modify for lighting. I am also impressed by the sturdiness of the completed models, so Mrs. Anderson's Factory is all Metcalfe, as will be the factory at Bonstadt. The plan is for low relief buildings at the back of Bonstadt along with full depth station buildings and brewery. All buildings will have either white or amber LED lighting.


  The layout has just been converted to DCC using the Gaugemaster Prodigy 2 system with an extra wireless hand throttle and a USB interface to connect to the PC for locomotive control,  along with a Digitrax Zephyr DCS50 also connected to the PC for accessories. I’m using JMRI to control the track. Points are slowly being converted from DPDT toggle switches to DCC accessory decoders. Locos converted are shown with the green background. A Zephyr Express has now arrived, and will be used for control of the signals and points while the DCS50 will be used for detection. The 3 aspect signals are run from Light-It decoders




  With the layout being based in Northern Switzerland, the collection has been based on stock that might run in that area. This includes SudOst Bahn, Bodensee Toggenburg, SBB. While the BLS miight seem out of area, now that it is part of SBB, who knows where its stock ends up. The EBT (Emmental, Bergdorf, Thun) railway operates on the branch line to Bustdorf. I’m still looking to find an e3/5 of the BT to haul the Amor Express. In the mean time an SBB 3/5 will have to do along with DB 0-6-0 and 2-6-0 will have to haul it. With the open access of today, DB and SNCF regularly run into Switzerland and my wish list includes a DB ICE set and an SBB/SNCF TGV Lyra. And who knows what will be run on the 150th anniversary of the opening of the line. Requests have been sent wordwide. For a full list of motive power normally seen on the line see HERE.


 With the continental standard gauge stock, I have a rake of Sud Ost Bahn coaches. The complete Bodensee Toggenburg train, and most of the Amor Express.  SBB and BLS Rakes of various eras. Emmental Burgdorf Thun Thunderboxes. The FeldSchlossen Brauerei Gastezug


I have various beer trucks, enough to make up a complete train. Also covered SBB & DB wagons. Car transporters and older FS trucks including a Watney’s Red Barrel.

A more detailed list will follow

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A short video clip showing the Lima SBB RABe 503 Pendolino SET (ETR610) with the full 7 coaches. The older SBB, BLS and Apfelpfeil coaches are from Lima with homemade lighting from 12V LED lighting strip, and an internally fitted full-wave bridge rectifier. The pickups are phosphor-bronze strip collecting from the coach axles to reduce friction.

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