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Bondale / Bontal is my latest project. A bit simpler than Nordbad-Bräu. The layout is all to be set on 1 level except for Bustham / Bustdorf station which will be 6" (15cm) above the main boards. The pages below show the idea behind the layout, the station plans, stock requirements. Bondale will use the same track layout but different stock, and as time goes on, different buildings.

The story of the Bontal Railway. Its general industry and the connections to the outside world.

The stations. Their plans and any particular industry associated with them.

Bontal Junction - The link to Bontal from Olten

Requirements for the layout

Bustal Junction - The link to Bustal

Olten - Not the real one but the fiddle yard / terminus for the layout

Bustdorf - The branch line terminus in Ober Bustal

Bontstadt - The main town of Bontal

LeoStadt - The first town in Bontal

Layout design. Why I made it the shape it is

Jesstal & Jessdorf HOe


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