For a few years in the early 2000’s I stayed in a lovely hotel in Crete, The Mistral in Maleme. It catered for single people and although I haven’t been back there for some years, it’s still going strong (Website: Here are a few photos from those days.

The view of the sea from the new block, overlooking the old block, and the kitchen/dining area.

CRETE 2004-2005

Holidays Home

The hotel tart Dolly. Ubfortunately she passed away some years ago, but over the years had become everyone’s favourite, even though she spent her days scrounging for food and pinching sun beds, especially if they had towels on them.

Another shot of Dolly, trying, unsuccessfully, to look starving and uncared for at breakfast.

The new pool, buil in 2004 on what used to be the vegetable patch between the old and new parts of the hotel.

The reverse view showing one of the then new blocks from the poolside.

The new pool from ground level.

The West coast of Crete.

Local wildlife having blocked the road and leaving their calling cards

Vassilis (Basil) the owner trained at Glasgow University so was well aware of the reputation his name had in the hotel industry. This was taken at the November re-union in 2005.

Honest I’m not touching her leg, but Dolly’s head (2004). Dolly of course had to get in on the act.

The group picture 16/09/2005. I’m 5th on the left in the white shirt

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